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Chiropractic is effective for people of all ages from birth through to the elderly. Many common dysfunctions can arise from birth and all through a child’s development including learning to walk, sleeping, daily activities and all growth challenges. Many of these dysfunctions can often go unnoticed yet may have a possible long term effect on growth and development. Also as our bodies age we find that wear and tear can have a harmful impact on the integrity of our spines and in turn the ability of our nerves to carry out their full function. By maintaining our spinal health, the impact can be greatly reduced.

When you first consult a Chiropractor, we conduct a full history including all your past injuries/sicknesses, any trauma your body has had, any major illnesses/medications you have suffered from birth, any treatment you have had as well as understanding the nature of your presenting complaint. Once we understand your history we will undertake a full examination to test your nervous system, ligaments, muscles, bones and posture. We will conduct tests to identify any subluxations that could potentially cause your sympoms as well as identify any associated factors that could impact our treatment. We will discuss any need for Radiological Assessment if we deem necessary. This will allow a full understanding of your problem, a plan to help treat your concern as well as a management plan to ensure your body can maintain a full state of health. If no further examination is required we will start your treatment plan.

Our Chiropractors generally perform Manual Adjustments to rectify the subluxations we find that are impacting the nervous system causing dysfunction. We also utilise associated Physiological Therapeutics such as Ultrasound, TENS machines and Massager Machines to assist in the associated inflammation and muscle spasm/tightness. Where necessary we use Soft Tissue Therapy to relax tight muscles. Low Force Chiropractic Techniques are used where appropriate.

There are generally three types of care we follow at our clinic.

i. Initial Repair/Symptom Relief – This is usually the first stage we see a patient. This includes the relief of presenting symptoms, the restoration of normal spinal and nervous function as well as appropriate exercise prescription to assist in the recovery phase.

ii. Rehabilitation – This includes the restoration of normal muscular function, restoration of spinal stability muscles, assessment of risk factors for injury, exercise prescription for self-management and review of injury to ensure reduced chance of relapse.

iii. Maintenance – This includes regular monthly-5 weekly care to ensure that any subluxations that may occur can be adequately adjusted to ensure continued spinal health and optimal nervous health.

Chiropractic treatments are covered by Private Health insurance. It is a good idea to check with your insurance company if you are covered for chiropractic care. If you are then we have a HICPAS machine that allows you to claim on the spot and pay the difference without having to claim in person. For some Private Health Insurers, massage may also be able to be claim in Clinic if you have cover.

As a general rule Chiropractors are Primary Health Practitioners and as such you do not need a referral from your GP. If you are a TAC, WorkCover or DVA patient however, you may need to consult your GP to ensure you have the appropriate paoerwork to receive care under your policy number.